Emily Patrick

Emily Patrick, Bird's Nest, oil on panel 21.5 x 30.5cm

Nigel Fletcher has chosen "Bird's Nest" by Emily Patrick as a favorite still life, and has this to say about it:

I really like the work of  Emily Patrick  and any of her still lifes, this one I like because it's such an ordinary thing; a nest, but a difficult subject to paint well and she's treated it in a very loose manner. I like the harmonious colours she has used and the delicacy of the brushstrokes, she has allowed the underpainting to show through and positioned the table in such a way as to create an exciting composition. The delicate fragile little egg nestling (!) in the brittle, spiky foliage of the nest. Lovely work.

July is Still Life Month here in The Art Room. If you have a favorite still life you'd like to share this month, please send an image or link to the image to awakeandpainting@gmail.com

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