Gabriella Soraci

Gabriella Soraci, Patterned Cloth and Pedestal, oil on canvas 38"x24" 2008

 Gabriella Soraci, Still Life and The Unicorn  oil on canvas 10"x 16" 2010

Sarah Sedwick has contributed two favorite still lifes by Gabriella Soraci. She says:

Many of us artists are also passionate art collectors, and these two paintings are the gems of my own small (but growing) collection. They are extra special to me because the artist is a close friend of mine! Aside from admiring the technical skill she demonstrates in these pieces, I really love their atmosphere of quiet contemplation. Her subject matter, a beautiful piece of fabric tacked to a wall, goes beyond what most of us think of when we think "still life," but still perfectly represents the genre. All of Gabriella's work conveys such a wonderful feeling of calmness, but you can sense the intense concentration she's lavished on each composition. She seems comfortable creating large expanses of negative space, and I find these very restful to look at. The smaller painting of books is particularly meaningful. It was a gift, and I truly love looking at it every day.

You can view more work by Gabriella Soraci at her website and her Etsy Shop.

July is Still Life Month here in The Art Room. If you have a favorite still life you'd like to share this month, please send an image or link to the image to awakeandpainting@gmail.com

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