Julian Merrow-Smith

Julian Merrow-Smith, Wild Cherries, 2012, oil on board, 5"x8"

This still life has got such a great design, value-wise. The white tablecloth showing behind the seemingly casual arrangement of the wild cherries makes a decisive and bold background shape- almost like a large white claw grasping at the gentle bounty of fruit. Juliam Merrow-Smith knows how to use his darks too. His still life objects are usually lit by a tender light, and the areas in shadow seem like deep pockets, the contents hidden and mysterious.

July is Still Life Month here in The Art Room. If you have a favorite still life you'd like to share this month, please send an image or link to the image to awakeandpainting@gmail.com

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  1. Yes Taryn, he's a modern master of the still life!


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