Susan Jane Walp

 Blueberries in a White Cup with Dried Lemon and Bone Fragment
oil on linen 8.5"x9"

How do I love this still life? Let me count the ways...I love the deep blue of the huddled blueberries inside the subtly and softly painted white cup. I love the muted abstraction of the background as contrasted with the carefully descriptive and colorful patterned paper the cup rests upon. I love the empty space. I love the unusual inclusion of a bone fragment. I love the matter-of-fact title. Since I love so many of Susan Jane Walp's still lifes, it was difficult to choose just one, but the white cup and blueberries here just really pull at my heartstrings.

Susan Jane Walp describes her working methods in an interview posted on the Jerusalem Studio Blog. In describing her approach to completing a painting she says "I'll bring it to a certain state within several weeks and then it goes on the wall and I'll work on it more as it calls to me".  This quiet, contemplative attitude towards her work seems light years away from the quickness and shoot-from-the-hip qualities of the Daily Painting Movement.

What do you think?

Here in the Art Room...July is Still Life Month!

Each Wednesday this month I will post a favorite still life of mine. You can send me an image of your favorite still life to add to the mix. Please choose only living artists. I'd love it if you add comments about your still life choice, but it's not necessary.

At the beginning of August we will take a vote for Still Life of the Month.
Why? Just for fun.

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  1. I really do like the art shown by Susan Jane Walp!
    I have admired your work also...
    "just joined your blog...can't wait to see more.
    I am a local artist from PA, too. Check out my NEW Blog...Thx!


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