Antonio Lopez Garcia

 Antonio Lopez Garcia Lirios y Rosa (Lilies and a Rose) 1972-74

Many artists consider Antonio Lopez Garcia to be something close to a painting god, if there were such a thing. His work is sometimes labeled "hyperrealism", a word that means photographic in the sense of including intense detail, but with a softer focus, giving the subject the tangible, living quality of real life.

Lopez Garcia views the world with an unblinking stare that seems to encompass the birth, life and death of a subject, whether it is a man walking, a complex street scene, or a corner of a garden. 

In honor of Lisa Daria Kennedy's beautiful flower paintings, we'll spend the month of August considering paintings, drawings and photographs of flowers. If you have an image of a painting, drawing or photograph of a flower that you admire (someone else's work) and a few thoughts you'd like to share, please email me and I'll set up a post for you. 

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  1. This is a wonderful, amazing artist and at his show a painting of a sink stopped me dead in my tracks and brought me to tears.
    What a treat seeing Lillie's and a Rose. This quiet piece of stunning beauty moves me beyond words.


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