Carol Marine

Carol Marine Rose Glow oil on board 6"x6" 2012

Carol Marine  Nose to the Rose oil on board 6"x6" 2012

How to explain my feelings about these extreme close up flower paintings by Carol Marine? Saying that her understanding of value, color and form is wickedly good doesn't quite express my complex reaction. As an artist, looking at these two rose paintings has me feeling elated over their beauty and originality, and (dare I say it?) a tad envious that she makes painting look so easy. I do think that is half of the charm of her work- the confidence and sense of joyful freedom in every brushstroke. 

When I attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (back in the early 80s), the subject of how to make a living from one's art hardly ever came up, but I do remember one bit of advice from Arthur DeCosta. Once at lunch while eating his meatball sandwich he reflected that those artists whose paintings sell well but also happen to be painting in a way that makes them happy are in the very best situation. Carol Marine certainly seems to have achieved this balance. 

In honor of Lisa Daria Kennedy's beautiful flower paintings, we'll spend the month of August considering paintings, drawings and photographs of flowers (a broccoli plant is a flowering plant!). If you have an image of a painting, drawing or photograph of a flower that you admire (someone else's work) and a few thoughts you'd like to share, please email me and I'll set up a post for you.

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  1. Lovely to see Carol's work. She is such a fabulous artist and her positive energy and intelligence comes through in her work.
    She is the reason I started a blog (after her workshop) and she has impacted so many of us in such a wonderful way.


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