Edouard Vuillard

 Edouard Vuillard  The Mantlepiece oil on cardboard, 51.4 x 77.5 cm 1905

Edouard Vuillard was inspired by the synthetism of Gauguin, meaning that he wanted to synthesize three things in his paintings: outward appearances, his own feelings about a subject, and aesthetic considerations. 

Vuillard lived for most of his life with his mother, a dressmaker, and it seems to me that he was as influenced by the color and patterns of her materials as  he was by the work of his friends Pierre Bonnard and Paul SérusierOh, how I love the richly embroidered look of his work, and the tension between flat pattern and spatial movement! 

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  1. Vuillard is one of my favorites! I saw several of his pieces in person when I lived on the East coast, and they are an inspiration, especially for anyone who loves to paint small. He was a master of the small interior scene!


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