Josef Sudek

Josef Sudek Rose in Glass Silver Print 1954

 Josef Sudek White Rose Silver Print 1950-54

The Czech photographer Josef Sudek is so widely admired today that an online search for images of his work will reveal as many photographs labeled "in the style of Sudek" as his own originals. He lost an arm in the First World War, and thus spent his life as a photographer rather than a bookbinder, dragging heavy equipment around the city of Prague with the help of assistants. His work is often labeled "neo-romantic", which means it is concerned with feeling and an intensely inward perspective. 

In honor of Lisa Daria Kennedy's beautiful flower paintings, we'll spend the month of August considering paintings, drawings and photographs of flowers. If you have an image of a painting, drawing or photograph of a flower that you admire (someone else's work) and a few thoughts you'd like to share, please email me and I'll set up a post for you. 

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