Susanna Coffey

 Susanna Coffey  Daffodil #2  oil on panel, 3” x 5”, 2009

Susanna Coffey Begonia #1 oil on panel, 3” x 5”, 2009

Susanna Coffey Peony #1  oil on panel, 4” x 8”, 2009

These three very small flower paintings by the contemporary artist Susan Coffey are sweet delicate little beauties that on second or third glance oh-so-gently reveal their strong backbone of structure and design.

I quite like an artist whose intention is not just to depict beauty, but to see their art as an act with deep implication, which can only come from having a decent grasp of art history.

Coffey sees painting as a "signifier for beauty itself", beauty typically meaning the feminine and the way women are viewed. Susan Coffey sees her work as an "act of resistance", saying "it’s particularly interesting to me to be doing it as a woman when painting has been declared dead. As an act of resistance, I’m very interested in being a painter.”

I'm going to finish up the rest of August with flower paintings by contemporary artists who blog their work. If you have a suggestion (not your own work), please email me. 

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