Yael Scalia

Yael Scalia Still Life with Rosebuds, 2008, oil on canvas mounted on board, 20 x 15 cm

This painting by Yael Scalia has a lovely and mild tonal range, so the darker and more intensely hued interior of the rose becomes a wonderfully pitch-perfect accent. And the shapes! If you know your Morandi, his work comes quickly to mind, yet this painting is not an imitation- Scalia has been clearly inspired by her subject rather than just using it as a vehicle for an homage.

Describing what it was like for her to see a Morandi for the first time, Scalia says "I immediately recognized something that was deeply familiar, somehow known to me." In the same interview she says "I’m an apostle of Ingres’ statement that in all beauty there is strangeness."

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