Arthur Dove

Arthur Dove Sunrise 1 tempera on canvas 25"x35" 1936

I confess that it has taken me years to appreciate the deeply introspective abstractions of Arthur Dove. I've always loved compositions with a strong and inventive structure as well as clarity of form (think Cezanne), not to mention preferring realism to anything else. One problem with realism, though, is that the ego can get in the way, artists competing with each other to see who can paint with the most virtuosity, especially today. I never get the sense that Arthur Dove, often called the first American abstract painter, was driven by ego. I've come to love the softness of his forms, which remind me of living things you might see under a microscope.

I know the theme this month is the sky, but how do you like this amazing painting of foghorns? What painting could be more evocative of sound itself? 

 Arthur Dove Foghorns oil on canvas 18"x26" 1929

In honor of Elizabeth Wilson's passionate interest in the subject of changeable skies, for the rest of September we'll be looking at landscape paintings with a strong emphasis on the heavens. If you have an image of a painting, drawing or photograph with a strong emphasis on the sky (not your own work please) and a few thoughts you'd like to share, please email me and I'll set up a post for you.

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