John David Wissler

John David Wissler Above Lancaster oil on panel 12"x12"

John David Wissler Setting on the Western Way oil on panel 18"x37"

John David Wissler paints skies like nobody's business. Just try and imagine how brief a window of time he had to observe these two scenes! Memory and imagination do play a part in his work; Wissler say he doesn't just imitate nature, but "transforms" it. 

He has spent the past couple of years painting on location in and around Lancaster County, PA. He finishes a painting "in one take", and cold temperatures or rain don't discourage him.

Wissler has an exhibition of his work opening October 5, 2012 at the Lancaster Galleries.

In honor of Elizabeth Wilson's passionate interest in the subject of changeable skies, for the rest of September we'll be looking at landscape paintings with a strong emphasis on the heavens. If you have an image of a painting, drawing or photograph with a focus on the sky (not your own work please) and a few thoughts you'd like to share, please email me and I'll set up a post for you. 


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