Maynard Dixon

 Maynard Dixon Cloud World oil on canvas 

Maynard Dixon Prairie Shower oil on canvas 25"x30" 1927

Pam Holnback recommends Maynard Dixon, and has this to say:

You asked what artists we like who paint clouds and skies...Maynard Dixon!!  His western skies are inspirational, and great! I've looked at every book, internet site, video, etc on him. When I want inspiration, he's my go-to man! 

Maynard Dixon (1875-1946) knew the power of a low horizon and theatrical skies. His early work was painted in an Impressionist style, but he gradually became interested in the power of simplified form. By 1900 he was passionately devoted to paintings of the western landscape, and after his marriage to Dorothea Lange in 1920 his work became even bolder, more stylized and modernist.

Thanks Pam!


  1. I love "Cloud World" with its negative shapes as interesting as his positive ones. It has great, rich color and good composition.

    Thank you, Taryn, for providing us with one of the most interesting blogs! I have learned about some new (to me!) artists and re-visited with some I am already familiar with. In addition, I discovered your work and admire that as well. It is an inspiration to begin my day with a visit here.

  2. Where is the Cloud World painting today?

  3. I love Maynard Dixon. He truly captures the spirit of the western landscapes, and the west that I fell in love with as a child. Thank you for sharing :).

  4. Cloud World is on display today at the Minneapolis Institute of Art


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