Douglas Martenson

Douglas Martenson Two Windows oil on linen 42"x52" 2009

Douglas Martenson Back Window oil on canvas 36" x 28" inches 1997

One thing I like about Doug Martenson's work is his energetic application of the paint. The act of painting is not separated from the painting itself, and the spontaneous, almost rough brushwork makes for a wonderfully tactile surface.  

"Two Windows" seems to be expressing an idea beyond the obvious subject. The darkness of the interior behind the glass might represent the unknown depths of ourselves, or am I reading too much into it? 

Inspired by the paintings of Gabriella Soraci, the month of October will be devoted to looking at paintings that use a window as a central subject. I plan to alternate between contemporary artists and artists from the past. If you have a suggestion (not your own work please), please email me an image along with a few sentences about the work.

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