Peter Van Dyck

Peter Van Dyck Yard Reflected in the Camper Window oil on linen 26” x 29” 2012

Peter Van Dyck Alabama Studio Interior oil on board 24” x 22” 2009

Peter Van Dyck studied painting at the Florence Academy of Art, and his classical training is quite evident. His sense of spacing in a composition is strong, as is his grasp of absolutely correct value. What I love the most though, is his attraction to unexpected subjects, as in "Yard Reflected in the Camper Window". 

I paint very directly with very little foresight and planning. I really don’t have any hard and fast rules, except to do whatever it takes to enjoy myself when I’m painting.
- Peter Van Dyck

Inspired by the paintings of Gabriella Soraci, the month of October will be devoted to looking at paintings that use a window as a central subject. I plan to alternate between contemporary artists and artists from the past. If you have a suggestion (not your own work please), please email me an image along with a few sentences about the work.

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