Randall Exon

Randall Exon Hot and Cold oil on linen 48 x 68 inches (diptych) 2000

Randall Exon Bay Window oil on canvas 52"x52" 2004

It seems fitting to follow a post about Andrew Wyeth with the work of Philadelphia area painter Randall Exon. Both show a supreme command of the paint, yet delicacy of detail never overwhelms the strength of the painting's idea. 

Exon says his paintings are based on memory and imagination that "doesn't really exist outside" the painting. I'm curious about what is exactly meant by that. Does he combine pieces of reality to create a new scene? Does he, for example, find a radiator and sketch it, find a sink and perhaps do a little study, sketch a landscape and then put them all together into one of his powerful and metaphorical scenes? I wish I knew. 

In "Hot and Cold", the interior space and the landscape viewed out the window seem balanced in importance. The land that sweeps out to the sea has a haunting, otherworldly beauty, but the crisp detail of the indoor scene keeps things a bit sober- like practical thought balancing a flight of the imagination.

I found the image for "Bay Window" on the website of a Methodist church, which seems a perfect setting for it.  

Inspired by the paintings of Gabriella Soraci, the month of October will be devoted to looking at paintings that use a window as a central subject. I plan to alternate between contemporary artists and artists from the past. If you have a suggestion (not your own work please), please email me an image along with a few sentences about the work. 

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