Tollef Runquist

Tollef Runquist Curtain, Toys oil on canvas 40" x 30" (2011?)

Tollef Runquist Kitchen Window Flowers oil on board 16" x 12" (2011?)

I think the paintings of Maine artist Tollef Runquist are breathtaking by almost anyone's standards. His colors seem both truthful and brilliantly exaggerated, his brushwork fluid, spontaneous and confident.  He speaks about being open to change and trying new approaches, but all his work shows a passionate focus on color.

Son of the painter Bjorn Runquist, Tollef spent lots of time in his father's studio, conscious of it as kind of a "sacred space". 

"My work is always changing and, if I don’t feel like I am pushing forward, I feel lost," 

-Tollef Runquist

Inspired by the paintings of Gabriella Soraci, the month of October will be devoted to looking at paintings that use a window as a central subject. I plan to alternate between contemporary artists and artists from the past. If you have a suggestion (not your own work please), please email an image along with a few sentences about the work.


  1. Thanks again Taryn for showing us another extraordinary artist. Love the top painting and the Curtains. It prompted me to look at even more of his work which is so strong and fresh.

  2. Taryn, Thank you for this great post, and inspiring blog. You are educating me, and I appreciate it all! Love Tollef's work! He is an artist that I did not know about until now!


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