And the Winners Are...

The month of October was dedicated to artwork with the window as a central subject.  There were 18 choices in the popularity contest, and here are the results:  

First Place- Carole Rabe
Second Place- Andrew Wyeth
If the choices are narrowed to just artists of the past, Andrew Wyeth is in first place, Edward Hopper in second, and third place goes to:

Third Place Artist of the Past- Elmer Bischoff

If the choices are narrowed to just living artists, first place goes again to Carole Rabe, second place is tied between Duane Keiser and Randall Exon:

Second Place Living Artist- Duane Keiser

Second Place Living Artist- Randall Exon

Third place among living artists goes to Douglas Ferrin:

Third Place Living Artist- Douglas Ferrin
Douglas Ferrin Figures in an Interior

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for their favorite window paintings! 

Now you can vote for your favorite "bathers" paintings from November's postings. 
You get TWO votes.

(The new poll is in the sidebar)

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