Antonio López García

Antonio López García Woman in the Bath  oil on board 65”x42”  1968

Antonio López García Woman in the Bathtub graphite 1970

 Antonio López García Sink and Mirror oil on wood 1967 

The November "bathing" theme continues with these two paintings and a drawing by the Spanish master Antonio López García (1936-).

Antonio López García is a brilliant artist, a master of precise drawing, his work both bold and introspective. His subtle range of values and color is the envy of so many artists, and yada, yada, yada. 

But what I really want to say is this: When I look at his work I get the metallic taste of death in my mouth. Nothing wrong with that, mind you- sex and/or death are what all great art is about. What do you think?

The best art of [antiquity] achieves an emotional intensity that transcends individual achievement, its creators...were expressing a collective feeling that was beyond their individual limitations as artists. that, to me, is quite wonderful. the art of antiquity is like a paradise lost. 

-Antonio López García

Inspired by Jon Redmond's paintings, the month of November will be dedicated to the theme of "The Nude", particularly bathers (I've decided to include swimsuits!). Please email me your suggestion (not your own work please) with a few words to decribe why you like it.


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  2. The aspect of mortality in Lopez Garcia's work no doubt is present, as it
    is in so much of Spanish culture. After spending quite of bit of time in
    Spain myself, I take that aspect of his work for granted.

    For me, the overriding feeling that washes over me when I look at his work
    is the tremendous beauty, sense of grandeur and respect he imbues the
    simplest subjects with. He, in part, achieves this with consummate skill and
    great selectivity, without ever embellishing his subjects or resorting to the least
    bit of flash.

    He opened his talk at the Boston Museum, before a packed auditorium of
    admirers, by saying "All I ever wanted to do with my art was paint what is
    in my heart" An amazingly simple and profound statement for a contemporary artist!


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