Dean Fisher

Dean Fisher Bathers oil on canvas 60"x48" 2011

Dean Fisher C Reclining (in progress) 45" x 56"

Dean Fisher Suzanna Seated 40" x 24" oil on linen 2010

Dean Fisher attended Chicago's American Academy of Art for four years, but what really catches my attention is the fact that he spent four more years educating himself by copying master paintings in the Prado Museum, the Louvre, and the National Gallery of Art in London. That sounds to me like the most superb art education imaginable!

Fisher's strong drawing and compositional skills are informed by great artists of the past, but with a modernist edge and an original color sense. He has a wonderful ability to intelligently simplify structure in his figures, while keeping their presence very real. Their strong individualities are slightly shadowed by a feeling of deliciously understated symbolism.

The feeling which is most often repeated in my work is that of equilibrium and balance and occasionally a gentle lyricism.

- Dean Fisher


  1. Another brilliant artist you have introduced me to. I am so grateful for this blog


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