John Koch

John Koch The Bath 20"x24"

John Koch (1910-1978) had an ardent following among the wealthy classes. Much of his work is downright silly- well painted but shallow affairs that undoubtably appealed to his collectors.

However, in my opinion this nice little domestic scene is a gem. It might have been too sweet, and a little boring, if it included just the woman in the bath, but the naked man gives the situation a suprisingly earthy reality. Apparently I'm not alone in thinking his nudes are his best work. In this review, Hilton Kramer argues this point, and even finds them a little daring, saying that Koch knew "just how far he could go" with their sensuality.

Inspired by Jon Redmond's paintings, the month of November will be dedicated to the theme of "The Nude", particularly in the bath or swimming pool. (I've decided to include swimsuits!) Please email me your suggestion (not your own work please) with a few words to decribe why you like it.

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