Lee Price

Lee Price Lisa In Tub With Chocolate Cake  44" x 60", oil on linen 2009

Lee Price Cocoa Puffs 44" x 62", oil on linen 2009

Lee Price has been painting women and food for over twenty years. She says that she is interested in the struggle women have between their body image and their secret compulsions. She identifies these women in bathtubs as all being her, in a secret place, and indulging. The bird's eye view is used to convey that Price is compulsively stuffing herself but at the same time hovering overhead, considering her situation. 

To have a secret shame is not a rarity, but to hover over the shame and paint it with such an intense focus is just a bit...shocking. 

I don’t believe there is much of a difference between the conceptual, the abstract, and the figurative. They are different modes of communication, but in the end you

get to the same place.
-Lee Price

Inspired by Jon Redmond's paintings, the month of November will be dedicated to the theme of "The Nude", particularly bathers (I've decided to include swimsuits!). Please email me your suggestion (not your own work please) with a few words to decribe why you like it.

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  1. I love these! Love the paintings and love the thought-provoking images.


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