Samantha French

 Samantha French Refresh; Fleeting Convergence 48x60 oil on canvas 2011  

 Samantha French Three Feet Below oil on canvas 36"x48" 2011

Samantha French Dive in Float oil on canvas 48"x60" 2011

Samantha French says that happy memories of swimming in Minnesota lakes as a girl has led to her focus on painting people swimming in public pools. She likes to paint her figures underwater, the refracted sunlight creating rich and strange distortions. 

These women are quite unlike Degas' bathing women; they are not presented as beautiful "animals", but instead as embodiments of freedom. 

I consider myself a figurative painter, but the reflections and refracted light add an abstract quality to the work. 
-Samantha French

Inspired by Jon Redmond's paintings, the month of November will be dedicated to the theme of "The Nude". (I've decided to include swimsuits!) Please email me your suggestion (not your own work please) with a few words to decribe why you like it.

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  1. Oh my! Three Feet Below just blew me away! Love this work.


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