Nancy Herman, William Ternay and the Barnes Foundation

Nancy Herman The Barnes Foundation in Winter 6"x8" 2010

Nancy Herman Latch's Lane oil 6" x 8" 2010 

WilliamTernay The Barnes Foundation in Winter 2010

Evelyn Yaari has submitted a photograph of the Barnes Foundation in winter by William Ternay and two paintings by Nancy Herman. One of the paintings is a side view of the Barnes Foundation; the other of Latch’s Lane, where the 13-acre Barnes Foundation complex was located until May of this year. The paintings and photograph are depictions of the same 2010 snow storm.

Evelyn has this to say:

These appeal to me because they convey the peace that settles over everything after a big snow.  Nancy, Bill, and I have been involved in the long and ultimately unsuccessful struggle to preserve the Barnes Foundation in its historic Merion site.  Early 2010 was an especially turbulent time in the life of our organization, Friends of the Barnes Foundation.  The peaceful atmosphere created by the snow storm was a welcome relief.  Even now, Nancy’s paintings and Bill’s photograph evoke that special time of struggle and hope.  

Nancy’s paintings can be found on her blog Postcards from Merion; Bill’s work can be found on his blog Postcards from Philly

Thank you Evelyn!

Art appreciation can no more be absorbed by aimless wandering
 in galleries than can surgery be learned by 
casual visits to a hospital. 
-from a pamphlet 
issued by the Barnes Foundation

Albert C. Barnes

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  1. Thank you Taryn and thank you Evelyn for putting my photo of the "Barnes," on this blog. I've have the pleasure of jogging by the Barnes Foundation almost evry day for the past forty-five years,in all kinds of weather.
    I'm currently having fun...and being challenged by, the creation of a bigger-than-life-sized portrait in oil of Dr. Barnes.


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