Pekka Halonen

Pekka Halonen Winter Sunset oil on canvas 1899

Pekka Halonen Winter Landscape at Kinahmi oil on canvas 95.5 x 65.5 cm 1923 

Pekka Halonen Winter Landscape oil on canvas 75 x 61 cm 1917

Pekka Halonen Washing on the Ice 1900
Roger Brown has asked that we take a look at some of the winter landscapes of Pekka Halonen (1965-1933), saying:

No surprise that a Finnish painter would have lots of winter paintings.

Pekka Halonen painted both landscapes and people of his native Finland, but is best known for his snowy landscapes. His sense of bold design seems influenced by Paul Gauguin, who he studied under in Paris as a young man.  

Halonen designed his familie's house and studio on the shores of Lake Tuusula, Finland, and called the complex Halosenniemi. Halosenniemi attracted a surrounding artist's community, which helped to develop a strong artistic Finnish identity. 

Art should not jar the nerves like sandpaper–

it should produce a feeling of peace.
-Pekka Halonen

The month of December will be dedicated to the theme of "Winter". Please email your suggestion (not your own work please) with a few words to describe why you like it. Be sure to include the title, medium, size and year.

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