Alain Massicotte

Canadian painter Alain Massicotte has chosen a late summer and a winter landscape for his favorite work of the past year:

Windy Mind oil on wood panel 8"x12" September 2012

Mild Winter oil on wood panel 8"x12" February 2012
These two paintings on wood are from a project I started in 2006, and I have painted over 450 in the series so far. All these landscapes that evolve with the seasons and moods are in a within 30 miles of our home (the Eastern Townships area of Quebec). This is my way to slow down the arrow of time a little... 
As I have mentioned in a previous post, I find that the paintings of Alain Massicotte have a direct emotional appeal reminiscent of the work of both Tom Thomson and Vincent Van Gogh. These are paintings that communicate intense feelings that could never be put into words. Isn't that what good painting is all about?

Untitled oil on wood 8"x12" 2012

Untitled oil on wood panel 8"x12" 2012

You can see more of Alain Massicotte's work at his My Backyard blog.

Help! There are so many good painters who blog that it'll impossible for me to get to them all this month, but here's an idea. If you are an artist who blogs, and would like to be included this month in The Art Room, please email your choice of your ONE favorite painting from 2012, along with a link to your blog. Include the title, size, medium, month and year. All of these submissions will be included in one grand and interesting post towards the end of the month.

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