Carol Marine

Daily Painter Carol Marine has sent in her two favorite paintings from 2012:

 Stacks & Shadows oil on gessobord 6"x 6"  December 2012

 Rose Glow oil on gessobord 6"x6" July 2012

Carol Marine has the truly rare ability to keep the entire painting in mind with each brushstroke, as though she paints in a state of heightened consciousness. The colors are true, the forms are drawn just right, but it's all expressed with a buoyant energy and enthusiasm that is positively contagious.

The top painting, "Rose Glow" got the most votes in the flower painting popularity contest a few months back.

Here are my two favorite Carol Marine paintings from last year:

Cherry-O's oil on gessoboard 6"x6" May 2012

Street with a View oil on gessoboard 6"x6" August 2012

You can see more of Carol's work at her blog and her website.


  1. Carol's work is always so fresh and spontaneous. Her unique, recognizable style has had a huge impact on so many of the 'daily painters'. Not only has her art influenced many but she and husband, David, have generously contributed tremendously to further the 'daily painting' movement through their Daily Paintworks site. She is a daily painting rock star!

  2. Knowing both you and Carol (well, knowing you virtually, at least), I love seeing your choices side by side. They are so telling! Carol seems to love the in-your-face immediacy and luxuriousness of the rose paintings as well as her white on white paintings that slide off the brush so satisfyingly, and you tend towards the contemplative, greyscale subtleties (the reflected light on those cherries is what really makes "Cherry-O's" in my opinion) and that streetscape is a feast of greys...it just goes to show that Carol's work appeals across a broad spectrum. She is amazingly talented.

  3. No matter how much I see from Carol, her work never ceases to surprise me. I can't say enough about her work so I won't even try - I just love her, that's all. :) That street scene is a favorite of mine, too.


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