Duane Keiser

Duane Keiser has chosen his two favorite paintings of 2012 from his Painting-a-Day series:

Studio Chair oil/paper (mounted on board) 7"x6" 2012

Pool oil/paper (mounted on board) 7"x6" 2012.

The Daily Painting movement has been in full swing for half a dozen years now, with Duane Keiser as the founding member. You can read an interesting discussion here about the pleasures and pitfalls of painting with the blogosphere in mind. 

The positives? The blogging audience gets to enjoy the drama of watching artists produce work in real time, and the better artists get to quit their day jobs. The ever-present need to feed the blog keeps a painter painting, and the daily discipline is a great for an artist's technique. The negatives? Producing one small painting after another can make the act of painting feel like factory production. The dependency on quick sales encourages repetition of popular subjects and styles. The paintings themselves can be technically competent but superficial.

To my mind, Duane Keiser has steered clear of what I call Daily Painting complacency. Rather than repeating himself, he keeps experimenting. His subjects include a night scene of a wooded area lit by the high beams of a parked car, a drawer full of crayons, a utilitarian corner of his studio, kids in a swimming pool, and his daughter's princess dress on a chair. He loves the ephemeral nature of light; rather than setting up a still life with artificial (and unchanging) light, he shows a beam of sunlight entering a room, or the long shadows of trees on a street in late afternoon. Whatever he paints, I look at his work and think yes, this is what life looks like.

You can see more of Duane Keiser's work at his blog, his website and his Facebook page

It was excruciatingly difficult to choose, but here are a couple of my favorite Duane Keiser painting-a-day paintings from 2012:

Night Window oil on linen 7"x6" August 2012

Studio Peach 2012

You can see more of Duane Keiser's work at his blog, his website and his Facebook page

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  1. Taryn-

    Great commenting on the pros and cons of the daily painting movement, great choices, and great description of Duane's work. I think you've really articulated what makes Duane's work so successful, unique and refreshing and how his choice of subject matter seems to eliminate the feeling that one is just churning out the same paintings. Studio chair is hands down my favorite of every piece I've ever seen of his, your choice Studio Peach being not far behind. Thanks again.

    _Mike Ryczek


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