Karen Boe

Oregon Daily Painter Karen Boe has selected her two favorite paintings from last year:

Junk Drawer oil 6"x6" February 2012

Grandpa On His Tractor oil 6"x6" August 2012

Karen Boe has a knack for spotting the unexpectedly paintable, whether it's a plate of chips and salsa, findings in a junk drawer, or a special grandpa on a tractor. She shows great respect for the architecture of form, using concise brushwork to reveal shape, but never falling prey to fussiness. Her work isn't just a pleasure to look at, it's a pleasure to think about. 

Here are my two favorites:

Chips & Salsa oil on artboard 6"x6" June 2012

Home Grown Rhubarb 6"x6" oil on artboard April 2012

You can see more of Karen Boe's work at her blog.

Help! There are so many good painters who blog that it'll impossible for me to get to them all this month, but here's an idea. If you are an artist who blogs, and would like to be included this month in The Art Room, please email your choice of your ONE favorite painting from 2012, along with a link to your blog. Include the title, size, medium, month and year. All of these submissions will be included in one grand and interesting post towards the end of the month.


  1. THAT is a great idea about the one big, grand, interesting post, Taryn. I think your choices this month have been great, and I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's personal picks. I initially noticed Karen because of the first piece she picked. I saw it on DPW, had to go to her blog, and was so happy to see that she is in Portland, just two short hours away from me. We haven't gotten together yet (it's a very long-seeming, boring two hour drive, and no one in PDX ever has any reason to come down to Eugene, where I live), but I know we will meet sometime soon!

  2. Thanks for featuring Karen Boe. Her paintings always add a bit of delight to my day when they appear in my email notifications. And now it leads me to this site, which is quite amazing. We need all the art we can get in this world.

  3. 'a knack for spotting the unexpectedly paintable' EXACTLY!! That is what I love about Karen's work but didn't know how to put into words. SO glad you featured her. :)


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