Karen Werner

Today we'll look at daily painter Karen Werner's two favorite paintings from 2012:

Self Portrait oil on canvas panel 8"x 6" 2012

Poms & Bird oil on canvas 6"x 18" 2012

In discussing her painting Self Portrait, Karen says: 
Scratching around my studio for something to paint, I picked up a spoon and noticed my reflection. I taped it to the corner of my pochade box and painted away. It's a favorite because of that serendipitous moment, but especially because of the originality. I'm especially happy if I can come up with a painting that to my knowledge has never been painted before.
She reflects on Poms & Bird:
Being a nature lover, the natural feel of this arrangement really appeals to me. I like all the color shifts in the pomegranates and the
pairing of red and green. In my work I strive for realism, but with a fresh, painterly look. I think I achieved that in this piece. 
Karen Werner is a highly competent painter who manages to make painting look as easy as breathing. Her style is is loose, painterly and fun- and boy does she have a way with red! 

Daily painting is both easy and difficult; coming up with new things to say, day after day, is challenging, but working this way makes painting feel like a completely natural activity.  Most Daily Painters post the good with the not-so-good, knowing that accepting all your efforts is part of the process. Karen hits it right pretty darn often, and when she does, she hits it right out of the park. 

Here are my favorite Karen Werner paintings from the past year, the first a perfect example of the way she can make a tiny painting really sing with color:  

Half-a-Tomato oil on canvas board 4"x4" April 2012

Cactus Crown oil on canvas board 11"x14" November 2012

You can see more of Karen Werner's work at her blog.

Help! There are so many good painters who blog that it'll impossible for me to get to them all this month, but here's an idea. If you are an artist who blogs, and would like to be included this month in The Art Room, please email your choice of your ONE favorite painting from 2012, along with a link to your blog. Include the title, size, medium, month and year. All of these submissions will be included in one grand and interesting post towards the end of the month.


  1. So pleased to see Karen included in your hit parade of painters who blog! I love her painterly style!

  2. Thank you Taryn! I love Karen's work and have been following her blog. I'll also have to participate in your ambitious grand post "project"!


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