Kathy Weber

January's theme is Artists Who Blog- Favorites of 2012. Chosen artists send me an image or two of their favorite paintings from 2012, and I'll choose one or two more.

Today we'll look at the work of Rhode Island artist Kathy Weber. Kathy has chosen "Study for 'Birds and Babies'" as her personal favorite painting from 2012:

Kathy Weber Study for "Birds and Babies" oil on panel 8" x 10" November 2012

I love this beach scene, with its sense of wind and fresh air. Here are two of my favorite paintings of Kathy's from 2012:

Kathy Weber P-Town oil on canvas 6" x 6" October 2012

Kathy Weber Morning 5" x 7" October 2012

I'm absolutely crazy about Kathy Weber's landscapes, particularly ones that include buildings. While all her work conveys a strong strong sense of air, space and light, I find "P-town" and "Morning" especially expressive.

The simplification of the large shapes in these painting gives a feeling of expansive calm, but then the dynamic compositions provide a buoyant energy.  Her colors are strong and beautiful but don't seem exaggerated- my eyes simply don't want to leave!

You can see more of Kathy Weber's work at her blog and her website.


  1. That painting P-town is really something special! Great rhythm and a wonderful restraint to some of the color choices.

  2. This is a great series! Kathy Weber was one of the first blogging artists that attracted me when I began blogging. She does a beautiful job of capturing light on her canvas.

  3. I'm so glad you highlighted Kathy's work! I LOVE her paintings and have been following her blog for the last couple of years. She has had a couple of shows at the F.A.N. gallery in Philadelphia...a must see if she does show there again! She does amazing work both plein air and in the studio.


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