Michael Chamberlain

San Francisco Bay Area artist Michael Chamberlain says he is "inspired by the beauty surrounding us in simple, everyday objects and scenes". He has chosen his two favorite paintings from the past year, and also shares some of his thoughts about them:

Three Rowboats 16" x 20" oil on canvas November 2012

Looking Up at a Victorian 10" x8" oil on canvas panel October 2012
In looking back at my paintings from 2012 I find the ones I like the most are the ones with strong abstract designs. "Three Rowboats" and "Looking Up at a Victorian" are examples of this sort of approach. "Three Rowboats" is probably my favorite. In addition to the colors and shapes, I like that this painting is larger in size. I'd been wanting to paint larger but was concerned that I wouldn't be able to achieve the brushwork I liked in my smaller pieces. I'm really happy with the way this one turned out so I have it hanging to remind me of the direction I'd like to go.
Here are two of my favorite Chamberlain paintings from 2012:

Overpass oil on gessoboard 6"x 6" November 2012

 Winter Calla Lilies oil on gessoboard 6"x6" January 2012

Michael Chamberlain's work reminds me how wonderfully different a painting can be from a photograph. Unlike a camera, an artist can filter out the noise of detail, and can simplify by making intelligent choices. 

I love the looseness of Michael's brushwork, his slightly muted warm and cool tones, and his emphasis on a strong overall design. There is an expansive quality to his work, as though he's always conscious of the high blue dome of the California sky over his light-filled scenes.

You can see more of Michael's work at his blog and his website.


  1. Taryn I too watch Michaels's bolg. I love his work; the simplicity and the honesty of it.

  2. I love the freshness and fun of Michael's work, and like you, his colors. These selections are great examples of his range.


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