Nancy Herman

Pennsylvania artist Nancy Herman has chosen two paintings from her "Manhole Series" for her favorite work of 2012:

Manhole Cover and Dead Fish oil on canvas board 6" x 8" November 2012

Manhole Cover and Ivory Elephant oil on canvas board 6"x 8" November 2012

Nancy explains her choice:
I chose these paintings because they involved something new for me in my painting. I found the images of the manhole covers quite accidentally and I was amazed at how detailed and well designed they were.  It got me to thinking about the dissonance in our lives. How we honor nature and destroy it, all in the same day. I wanted to say something about that and so combined the images. I really enjoyed the process and the results and discovering a new way to "tell a story".  
You can read more of Nancy Herman's thoughts about Manhole Cover and Ivory Elephant and Manhole Cover and Dead Fish at her blog, Postcards from Merion.

Nancy Herman's quietly mesmerizing paintings have appeared on this blog twice before, and for good reason. There is a clarity in her work that manages to be both decisive and gentle, and her choice of subject matter is often refreshingly original.

I love these two paintings of Nancy's for their especially surprising point of view:

Worm's Eye View oil on canvasboard 6"x 8" March 2012

Tracks- Human oil on canvasboard 6"x 8" September 2012

You can see more of Nancy Herman's work at her blog.

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  1. Gorgeous - what a visionary! Can't wait to see more from Nancy in 2013.


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