Nigel Fletcher

English artist Nigel Fletcher has chosen his two favorite paintings from 2012, and has some things to say about them:

Mobylettes watercolour 12" x 16" November  2012

The Kitchen Sink oil 7.5" x 5.5" February 2012
My favourite painting from 2012 is 'Mobylettes', a very loose watercolour which relies on fairly accurate drawing. I painted from a photo, it's a motorbike workshop in a nearby French town, not a particularly tidy place with cobwebs and junk lying everywhere but I liked it for all that. The mobylettes were all behind a window, I was interested in the way the glass was partly clear and partly reflecting the light and so obscuring the bikes.
Number two is the 'Kitchen Sink' I like the ordinariness of this subject, the rough textures of the old paintwork and the glass like reflections of the tiles just happened to catch my attention.
Nigel Fletcher lives in central France, and each day finds him painting "either in the studio or out amongst the lanes and fields" of the Limousin. What artist wouldn't want such a life? 

I love Nigel's work for his lovely sense of light, and for his self-assured but sensitive touch. In Inside the Old Barn (below), by keeping his focus on the light itself as it sifts through the space, he is able to sum up the complex scene with a beautiful economy of means.

Inside the Old Barn watercolor 12"x7.5" June 2012

Last Light oil 5.5"x 7.5" January 2012

You can see more of Nigel Fletcher's work at his blog and his website.

There are so many good painters who blog that it'll impossible for me to get to them all this month, but here's an idea. If you are an artist who blogs, and would like to be included this month in The Art Room, please email your choice of your ONE favorite painting from 2012, along with a link to your blog. Include the title, size, medium, month and year. All of these submissions will be included in one grand and interesting post towards the end of the month.


  1. I love the Mobylettes painting - so much atmosphere and little touch of mystery. I'll be checking our Nigel's blog. Thanks for the post.

  2. Nigel has an amazing grasp of very different mediums. Really exquisite work - thank you for sharing it, I'm hooked!


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