Page Railsback

Page Railsback has chosen her two favorite paintings from 2012:

Reiteration 20"x20" acrylic April 2012

Lagoon Peace 20"x20" acrylic August 2012
I painted Reiteration while teaching a private painting class. It was a good day. I painted over an old painting and the brushes just went to town. The piece  appeared pretty quickly. This vase was made and given to me in 1976 by Michael Glancy, a well known American glass artist. This vase has appeared in my Still Lifes since I began painting 35 years ago. Roses are also a constant theme in my work.
I painted Lagoon Peace on beautiful Martha's Vineyard while staying with dear friends. For the past several summers I walk or bike past this scene frequently. It makes me feel happy.
There is a push-pull in Page Railsback's work between flat pattern and three dimensionality. Her brilliantly colored patches of paint can look like the abstracted patterns on stained glass with the light seeming to glow from behind, but she also captures a clear sense of space. There is a kind of beneficent and peaceful warmth to these scenes. 

I'm reminded a little of the work of Nicolas de Staël, although his work is a little cooler in spirit, and teeters closer to pure abstraction.

You can see more of Page Railsback's work at her blog and her website.

Here are my two favorites:

 Apples 20x20 acrylic September 2012

Haven Harbor 4"x4" acrylic August 2012

You can see more of Page Railsback's work at her blog and her website.

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