Patti Mollica

New York painter Patti Mollica has chosen two paintings that she especially likes from the past year, one of them from her 8 hour day, two week long plein air painting "gig" in crowded New York City:

Patience the Lion 12"x12" oil on gessoboard August 2012
I did this piece during my plein air painting gig in NYC. The tricky part is that by the time my easel was set up, the light and shadows on the Lion had already changed drastically. That, and the fact that I planted myself smack in the middle of the sidewalk at Fifth Avenue at 42nd street, The New York Public Library, it was quite the hectic atmosphere. It's truly amazing how once you pop in your headphones and get the iTunes cranking, the rest of the world pleasantly drops away -  until a kid trips over your easel leg and jolts you back to reality. I put the people in as an afterthought...Patience looked too lonely by himself.

Partners in Grime 8"x8" oil on board February 2012

Patti Mollica's work has a fresh, bouyant quality that has me thinking she's the lovely sort of person who tends to see a glass as half full.  She's got a broad range, painting complex street scenes as well as landscapes, still life, portraits and figures, and her approach always seems...joyous. 

She has been working hard this past year, but hasn't posted as regularly to her blog as she'd like, because much of her paintings have been saved for her recently published book.

You can see more of Patti Mollica's work at her blog and her website.

I've chosen three Patti Mollica paintings from 2012 as my favorites, as I wanted to include another city scene. I'm also a huge fan of her still lifes, the colors and gestures kicking with life- I'm reminded a little of the work of Wayne Thiebaud.

New York Public Library 12"x12"oil on gessoboard August 2012

Maureen's Pastries 8x8 acrylic December 2012

Tangerine Reflections 8x9 acrylic on paper February 2012

You can see more of Patti Mollica's work at her blog and her website.

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