Sarah Sedwick

Sarah Sedwick has chosen her two favorites paintings from 2012, saying:
This wasn't that hard of a choice for me, really. I decided to go with one still life and one figure, since I am really into both right now, and thinking of getting even more into figure and portrait in the coming year.
 Plums on a Branch 6"x 6" oil on canvas August 2012

 The Black Robe oil on canvas 10" x 8" December 2012

Sarah Sedwick paints with an appealing and breezy confidence, whether her subject is a warm and lively display of peppers or a revealing portrait. From her dedicated practice of Daily Painting, Sarah has developed a kind of fluency with her brush that is just plain wonderful on the eyes.

Here are my choices:

 Preserve Us! oil on canvas 8"x8" February 2012

Daydreamer oil on canvas 11"x14" October 2012

You can see more of Sarah Sedwick's work at her blog and her website.

There are so many good painters who blog that it'll impossible for me to get to them all this month, but here's an idea. If you are an artist who blogs, and would like to be included this month in The Art Room, please email your choice of your ONE favorite painting from 2012, along with a link to your blog. Include the title, size, medium, month and year. All of these submissions will be included in one grand and interesting post towards the end of the month.


  1. I love Sarah's work and it is so refreshing to see how she handles both figurative and still-life subjects.


  2. Another one of my favorite daily painters! Sarah's paintings are always so fresh and filled with light.

  3. "Daydreamer" brought to mind something I saw recently on the Facebook page of Anonymous Art of Revolution: "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." Edgar Allan Poe

    Bless the dreamers, day and night.

  4. Sarah is my composition hero with her still life set ups. She breaks the rules in just the right way to captivate you - I can't think of another daily painter's work that I stare at as long as I do at hers.

  5. Beautiful work, Sarah! I LOVE the composition and colors in Daydreamer.


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