Stephen Magsig

Today's artist is Stephen Magsig, who I have mentioned in a previous post as "one of the best and most successful of artists in the Daily Painting Movement". He has chosen two of his personal favorite paintings from 2012:

Steven Magsig River Views oil on linen panel 7"x 5"
October 2012

Steven Magsig Citylights #84 oil on linen panel 5"x 7"
December 2012

Stephen Magsig describes himself as a "Detroit based painter of urban and industrial landscapes". This concrete description gets right to the point, just as his paintings do; his work takes an honest look at the decaying grandeur of his city. In his honesty I sense an intense affection.

Stephen Magsig Waterfront Docks oil on linen panel 5"x 7" 
September 2012

This year Magsig spent some time in Italy, and it's interesting to see what he does with a very different city for a subject:

Stephen Magsig Ponte Vecchio, Florence oil on linen panel 5"x 7"
November 2012

You can find out more about Stephen Magsig at his blog and his website.

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  1. These are beautiful examples of Stephen's work. He seems to stay open to possibilities in his painting - doesn't box himself in. Love this Ponte Vecchio!


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