Susan Abbott

Vermont painter Susan Abbott has selected her two favorite paintings from the past year, and has a few words to say about them:

 Walking Up from the River oil on linen panel 24" x 24" June 2012

 Farm by the Inlet oil on linen panel 20" x 20" November 2012
Color and composition are my main ways of approaching a painting. My subject matter is what I see as I'm walking and driving the back roads of New England and beyond: villages, farms, harbours, manufacturing towns, and beach communities that are often past their prime. 
The Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi” has helped me understand why I find these old, ordinary, and sometimes broken-down places so beautiful. Wabi-sabi finds meaning in the worn, imperfect, modest, subjective, seasonal, and mysterious. 
I hope my painting can combine these old buildings, streets, barnyards and bits of landscape into an image both real and abstract, and (most importantly) communicate my feelings about that place to the viewer.
Susan Abbot uses colors that are so bright they seem to vibrate, but convincingly, and not as pure invention; I know that I have seen colors on sunny days that are just as strong. Her compositions seem to positively sway with movement, adding to the mood of vibrant joy.

For my favorite, I selected one that is a bit more subdued, but with a pleasing tapestry effect:

Sheep and Trough, Summer Morning oil on linen panel 10"x10" August 2012

You can see more of Susan Abbott's work at her blog and her website.

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  1. I just discovered your blog... it is fantastic and I love the voting on the sidebar.

    Susan's work has always inspired me. I love how she uses color is such a bold manner. She teaches some fantastic workshops and feel fortunate that I have had a chance to take a few...


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