Anders Zorn

Self-Portrait oil on canvas 1889

Self Portrait in Red 48 × 35.8 in oil on canvas 1915

Swedish painter Anders Zorn (1860-1920) achieved international fame for his work, and was commissioned to paint three American presidents. His fluid brushwork and incisive description of character in his portraits rivals the work of John Singer Sargeant. 

I'm especially taken with these two self-portraits, the first painted at the age of twenty-nine, and the second at age fifty-five. The earlier portrait has a wonderfully unexpected composition, and an interesting juxtaposition of living flesh with a sculpted head. The later painting shows a man with a certain pride in his status, his girth both impressive and intimidating.

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  1. These are great. Although, I'm not sure they "rival" Sargent. Maybe they are "reminiscent" of, or "comparable to" Sargent, (and I can't argue that his coloring isn't impeccable), but for brushwork, they just don't measure up to the master, (and my idol) JS Sargent. Full disclosure: Sargent is my celebrity crush.


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