Self Portraits: Catherine Kehoe

Painter Sarah Sedwick has recommended that we look at the self-portraits of Catherine Kehoe, and shares her thoughts about them:

Self Portrait on Yom Kippur 6”x5” oil on board 2010

Dr. K’s New Hat 8”x6” oil on paper 2006

Babushka 8”x6” oil on panel 2009

Ponytail 6"x6" oil on panel 2000
I wanted to nominate Catherine Kehoe for a self portrait spotlight, although she is an amazing still life painter as well.  I love looking at her work. I think the boldness of it is inspirational, no matter what type of outcome you want for your own painting. I also think her pieces look like they're done from life, even if they are done from photos- I have no idea whether they are or not, but from the side views, etc, I'd think they might be. 
I'm so glad that Sarah Sedwick suggested we look at Catherine Kehoe's self portraits. These paintings all capture a strong likeness, although Kehoe seems to enjoy trying on different personas. She spends hours on her carefully structured still lifes, but will often paint her own face at the end of the day, and with a more spontaneous approach. There is a fierceness to these paintings, as though she is unafraid to show herself in any light, unflattering or harsh.  I also detect an element of self-protection, as though she doesn't want us to read her thoughts too closely. 

Have some favorite self-portraits by other artists you'd like to share? Please email your suggestion (not your own work please) with a few words to describe why you like it. Be sure to include the title, medium, size and year.


  1. Love these! Such confidence. She can really paint. Thanks for the introduction to this artist!

  2. Amazing unique style of paint handling. I love her work and her bold statements in each brush stroke. Her confident style exudes humility

  3. Fabulous - sort of emotional & a rawness - Love these!!!


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