Self Portraits: Rose Frantzen

Self Portrait 50"x40" oil on canvas

Maria Bennett Hock has suggested we look at a self portrait by Rose Frantzen, saying:
I love Rose Frantzen's work and her self portrait is magnificent. It is part of her allegorical collection…all of the paintings there are magnificent, but her self portrait shows such great emotion.
Thank you Maria!

I also love Rose Frantzen's work, especially her portraits and figures of Iowa farmers. Funny that it seems so unusual to have people who work on farms show up in contemporary paintings. Click here to see one of these works, and then click here to see another.


  1. It looks beautiful...thanks so much for showcasing her work. I just love it.

  2. I love her work, beautiful self portrait.

  3. I just watched her video and loved it. Very informative.


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