Self Portrait Drawings

Augustus John Self-Portrait

David Hockney Self-Portrait lithograph

Mikhail Vrubel Self-portrait charcoal, pencil and sanguine on paper 1904

 Käthe Kollwitz Self Portrait 1891-92

Käthe Kollwitz Self Portrait lithograph 1924

Probable self-portrait drawing by Raphael in his teens

Edgar Degas Self Portrait 6 3/16" x7 1/4" black chalk on paper 

While trolling around the internet for images of great self portrait paintings, I've come across many wonderful self portrait drawings and prints.

Here Augustus John seems positively burning up with a lively energy, while David Hockney seems rather hiply cool. Mikhail Vrubel doesn't tell me much about himself, but he sure can draw. Käthe Kollwitz deserves a post all of her own, but the month is running out. Her self portraits have a more baleful power than anyone else's. 

Raphael's likely self portrait drawing has the same sense of graceful calm as all his work, and as for the beauty of the drawing by Degas- well, I simply can't put that into words. Can you?

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