Some of Doug Ferrin's favorite self-portraits

Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowicz Self-Portrait with Apron and Brushes 1887

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn Self-Portrait 114 x 94 cm oil on canvas 1661

Henri Fantin-Latour A Studio in Les Batignolles 80"x170" oil on canvas 1870

N.C. Wyeth Self-Portrait

Doug Ferrin has sent in some of his favorite self-portraits, and here are some things he has to say about them:
Here is a self-portrait by Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowicz that I always liked, not so much for the style, which is pretty much late 19th academic slick, but because it is unflattering and seems honest to me. 
Also, I like this great painting by Fantin-Latour of himself with Manet and a bunch of other of his contemporaries, and the NC Wyeth self-portrait that made quite an impression on me as a young student; not sure I like it as much now, but I think it's still pretty good.
Have some of your own favorite self-portraits you'd like to share? Please email your suggestion (not your own work please) with a few words to decribe why you like it. Be sure to include the title, medium, size and year.

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  1. I love finding out about so many artists on this site. Thanks so much for sharing.


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