Claude Lorrain

The Tiber from Monte Mario Looking South dark brown wash on white paper 
185 x 268 mm 1640

 A View with Three Pines 1640

 graphite pen and brown ink brown wash – H. 14.7 cm W. 20.5 cm

   Draughtsman in Front of the Grotto of Neptune graphite pen and brown ink brown wash 
H 17 cm W 237 cm  

Sunny Spot at the Edge of a Forest ca.1640-45  

View of Tivoli black chalk with brown and reddish brown wash and pen and ink 
8 x 12 cm 1640

Study of an Oak Tree c. 1638

John Constable described French artist Claude Lorrain (c. 1600-1682) as "the most perfect landscape painter the world ever saw...all is lovely – all amiable – all is amenity and repose; the calm sunshine of the heart". 

In Lorrain's time, pure landscape painting was found to be lacking in moral seriousness. As a bow to public opionion, his oil paintings often included mythological and biblical themes, but his many drawings and sketchbooks prove his primary interest was in the landscape itself. 

The top drawing, The Tiber from Monte Mario Looking South, would probably make my list of ten favorite drawings of all time. In all these drawings Lorrain shows his unique blend of keen dedication to the natural world, a sweetly bucolic tone and a visually satisfying clarity of form.
Panoramas are not what they used to be.
Claude has been dead a long time
And apostrophes are forbidden on the funicular.
Marx has ruined Nature,
For the moment. 
-Wallace Stevens, Botonist on Alp (no. 1) 

Claude Lorrain Self Portrait

This month in the Art Room we'll be looking at pen, ink wash and watercolor drawings. If you'd like to contribute to this theme, please email your suggestion. Include images, titles, medium, size and year (if known), as well as a few words to express your feelings about the artwork you've chosen. 

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  1. Lorrain had as special gift indeed. I've always deeply loved his drawnings. Thanks for showing this drawnings.


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