Favorites of 2013: Carole Rabe

This month we're revisiting each of the artists interviewed here in The Art Room. I've asked everyone to choose a favorite painting or two from 2013, and to tell us the reason for their choice. 

Carole Rabe has chosen Orange Lamp and Fall Afternoon as two of her favorite paintings from 2013, and shares a few words about them:

Orange Lamp  oil on canvas  20" x 20"  2013

Fall Afternoon  oil on canvas 18" x 24"  2013
In 2013 two paintings in particular achieved what I was hoping to capture. 
In Orange Lamp, there was a glowing relationship between the colors before me. I strived to capture the subtle changes between the various oranges I saw. In addition, the mirror in the picture created an intriguing spatial confusion and complexity. It was really fun to try to make that work. I was happy with the result. It has sparked a desire to include more mirrors in my work as a way to play with space. 
In Fall Afternoon, the clear early fall light produced intense bluish shadows as well as subtle warm/cool contrasts. It was visually stunning—the intensity versus the subtlety.
In both of these works, the subject before me was “eye candy”! I couldn’t wait to attempt to capture it in paint.
My goal this year was to push color/value relationships through the use of a very limited color and value range. The goal is ongoing—probably for a lifetime.
Carole has provided us with this update:
I am currently exhibiting my work at two galleries: The Rowley Gallery in Orleans, MA and the Powers Gallery in Acton, MA.  I continue in my academic position of Assistant Professor of Visual Art at Pine Manor College and am also the Director of the Hess Gallery on campus. 
You can find out more about Carole Rabe by reading her interview, and by visiting her website.   


  1. As I am painting interiors for my 30 in 30 challenge - I realize that Carole does it right! Interiors contain sooo many verticals and horizontals..she handles them with perfection. I so admire your work Carole.

  2. I agree, Pattie. Her sense of color is so wonderful too, and the sense of light and space is both comfortable and exotic.

  3. Taryn. I'm enjoying your 2013 review. Carole's work is new to me, and made me stop n my tracks. absolutely beautiful. The work feels so familiar and as you said, comfortable! Thanks for sharing!


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