Favorites of 2013: David Shevlino

 Elizabeth and Venus 18" x 12" oil on canvas panel 2013

For the rest of January we'll be revisiting each of the artists I've interviewed here in the Art Room.  I've asked each of them to choose a favorite painting or two from 2013, and to share a few words with us about their choice.

David Shevlino has chosen Elizabeth and Venus as one of his favorite paintings from 2013. He says:
Here's an image I did last winter that I like. I was at PAFA to do some cast drawing and socializing last winter. I was inspired by all the casts and thought it would be a cool idea to include a figure with one.Liz Wilson was there, so I asked her to pose for a few photos. That's how the painting came about.
You can find out more about David at his website, and by reading his interview.

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