Favorites of 2013: Diana Lehr

This month we're revisiting each of the artists interviewed here in The Art Room. I've asked everyone to choose a favorite painting or two from 2013, and to tell us the reason for their choice.

Diana Lehr has chosen two paintings of the sea as favorites of the past year:

Turquoise Swell watercolor and pastel 15" x 39" 2013

  The Light Inside oil 50" x 68" 2013
I wasn't sure which paintings to choose as my favorites for the year…I had a few others I could have chosen but I felt that these two represented two very different approaches and ways of handling the same subject, the ocean. 
I've been working with different facets of the ocean in recent years. Turquoise Swell is a mixed media on paper dealing with simple shapes and blocks of color and The Light Inside is a painting dealing with more complexity in the pattern, layers of texture, color and subtleties between color relationships. 
Both directions interest me. Right now my painting is going through a shift and I have more questions than answers.
To find out more about Diana Lehr read her interview. Diana is both a painter and a film maker, and you can see both her paintings and her videos at her website.  

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  1. Diane had a show in the Kelly Gallery of the Packwood House Museum here in Lewisburg,PA a few years ago. It included a video and some aqua and flora paintings.
    Her paintings must been seen in person to appreciate the colors and the scale of them. They are spectacular.

    I was teaching a watercolor class upstairs at the time. I had my students do mini tributes from memory to Diane's pieces to push their comfort zone. I still have my little 5"x7" wave.


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