Favorites of 2013: Douglas Ferrin

This month we're revisiting each of the artists interviewed here in The Art Room. I've asked everyone to choose a favorite painting or two from 2013, and to tell us the reason for their choice.

Douglas Ferrin has chosen Arcata and Three Persimmons and Broken Glass as two of his favorite paintings from 2013. Here they are, with his interesting observations:

Arcata oil on canvas 24" X 33 3/4"  2013
In the painting of the Arcata Bottoms, which are 300 miles north of San Francisco, I love the cold light, the hills in the distance that grow the tallest trees in the world, the Sequoia Sempervirens. You’d never know those trees are there in the low costal hills, while standing by the farms near the ocean. People often talk about the magical light of various places, Italy, Southern France, but for me the light of the sun, on the rare days when it is actually sunny, in northern Humboldt County, is the most unusual and, in its subtle cool way, the most interesting light I know.
Three Persimmons and Broken Glass  12" X 16" oil on panel  2013
Three Persimmons and Broken Glass was inspired by Bruce Samuelson, who posted a 13th century Chinese painting by the monk, Mu Qi (on Facebook). I like the soft fruit next to the broken glass. I’ve been doing a few other persimmon paintings. Thanks to Bruce and Mu.
( painting of persimmons by Mu Qi)

You can find out more about Doug by reading his interview and by visiting his website.

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