Favorites of 2013: Elizabeth Wilson

This month we're revisiting each of the artists interviewed here in The Art Room. I've asked everyone to choose a favorite painting or two from 2013, and to tell us the reason for their choice. 

Elizabeth Wilson has chosen Pink Clouds as one of her favorite paintings from 2013, and explains her process:

Pink Clouds  watercolor & gouache / paper 8.75"x 9.5" 2008 - 2013
The roots of this painting began approximately five years ago.  This past summer, having nothing fresh to work on, I went through my pile of ongoing gouache paintings and pulled this one out.  It had had more than several goes, but the painting never seemed to change....no worse, no better.   It came close to being trashed multiple times, though it had good 'bones'.  This time I decided to experiment with it....figuring it was going to be trashed for sure anyway.  I took a pan of watercolors, still wrapped from a painting trip to Long Island (NY) earlier that summer and started working on the painting.  I made a conscious effort not over-think and to literally, let the painting flow. 
 As I worked, the watercolor picked up areas of the gouache surface underneath and at the same time, overlapped as a transparent glaze.  It added interesting texture and spatial qualities to the paint and the painting began to transform into something that had energy and a cohesiveness.  I liked the balance of color, contrast, physical weight and weightlessness.  The large pink cloud floats in the landscape in spite of it being solid and volumetric and is integral to the painting's success.  This final revision was one of those paintings that seem to paint themselves.  With some direction and knowing when to stop, it became an immediate favorite and one which I will continue to study and learn from.
You can find out more about Elizabeth Wilson at her website, her Facebook page, and by reading her interview.

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